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sydney #1girraween #1skip binhandsnothing to see hereabalonerosellasstraddled #1mangrove jungle, east pointwashed upoffice geckobee eater and doomed water bugman grovevantage point, girraween swampholga sunset, kulalukfrog parasolsmangrove pool, nightcliffcycad, charles darwin nppair, lee pointgirraween #2

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6.Bill Piper(non-registered)
Coffee table book - I keep telling you. "Territory Perspectives" (has that name been taken yet?). Time to publish Vol 1.
Amazing as always, Rich. Except maybe for that sad looking crab :/
Love all of them thanks for sharing your talent. Love the black white of the tree!!
2.Bill Piper(non-registered)
Sensational Rich. Dragon flies would make a popular poster (like dogs playing cards - that popular, I think).