blokeh: Blog en-us (C) blokeh (blokeh) Tue, 23 Dec 2014 12:51:00 GMT Tue, 23 Dec 2014 12:51:00 GMT blokeh: Blog 120 85 2 to 4 my plans for daily blog entries were thwarted by fatigue (and lack of internet), so typing this in Nambour

this is from just outside Kynuna, a few hundred kms south of Mt Isa

looks deserted, but there were plenty of flies

accommodation was in two $35 dongas

when I was told the price (which seemed scarily low) I asked if I could see the rooms - which may have caused a little offence

(they were definitely $35 rooms)

north of kynuna, western Qldnorth of kynuna, western Qldkynuna is tiny town deep in the north-west of queensland

this was taken a few kms out of town after a long drive with my son from tennant creek (en route to melbourne where he was starting uni)

with the exception of the flies (which were so numerous you could breathe them in) I think this captures the desolate beauty of the area

and it's a nice reminder of an important journey

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70 years before schappelle in the 1930s my grandparents went to Bali

it was a more exotic destination then than it is now

(jetstar hadn't started flights)

this is a carving they brought back

it has graced mum and dad's house(s) since I can remember

they just don't make souvenirs like they used to 

carved head Bali 1930scarved head Bali 1930sOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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the start tomorrow is the start of my 6 week road trip to Melbourne and back

I plan to upload photos as I go

this one was taken a while ago, but it is quite appropriate because it is a photo taken at the very start (or end, depending on how you look at it) of the Stuart Highway, which is somewhere my son Jack and I will spend 1000kms or so tomorrow

it's a close up of a stream of water bubbling out of a little fountain - there are a few others of the same fountain in the 'water' section of the web site

the colours come from the mosaic tiles behind the stream

Fountain, Darwin CityFountain, Darwin CityOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Happy Accident Waders (flock, taking off) East PointWaders (flock, taking off) East PointI've written more about this happy accident in an entry on my blog page

I entered it in a magazine competition and won a camera (which I promptly sold and used the proceeds to buy a new lens - as you do)


This is one of the first pictures I took of a flock of migratory waders that I 'discovered' one evening at East Point. They'd assembled (in their hundreds if not thousands) on a rocky outcrop that was about the last available space left by a huge high tide.  I wasn't expecting to see so many birds so close and didn't have my camera set up the right way.  When they saw me, they all took off at once and I snapped off a few shots.  I quickly checked the photos on the back of the camera.  When i saw the blurry mess, i nearly dumped them straight away, but the flock looked like it was coming back so I concentrated on taking more pictures.

It's so often the case for me that the best part of picture-taking is when I first see the results up on the computer screen.  When I first saw this one I was blown away.  The combination of a shutter speed that's too slow and my moving the camera to follow the ascending birds somehow captures the sense of motion.  And somehow, in amongst the blur, the wings of some of the birds are quite sharp.  

I got a similar sort of shot a few days later.  Some magpie geese had congregated in a field near my home and I got this when they were disturbed by a hawk.  Less of an accident, but I wasn't expecting the ghoulish figures flying across the scene.  (You can see some of the geese quite clearly at the left.)


magpie geese (flock, taking off)magpie geese (flock, taking off)

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